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About Aluminum Plate

Because of its lightweight, yet durable properties, aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate are useful for a variety of applications. Aluminum, because of itís resistance to rust and corrosion, its low weight, flexibility and the ability to increase itís strength when cold, has become a valuable metal to airplane manufacturers and marine enthusiasts, and is used in everything from cars, space shuttles, and pop cans. Both aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate are available in a variety of gauges, widths, lengths, and alloys. Aluminum plate also comes in various finishes and aluminum tread can be ordered in different tread patterns as well.

Aluminum plate is often used in the military as armor for the vehicles. Even though it needs to be 1.5 times as thick as steel plate to be as strong. It is so much lighter that the extra bulk is minimal. It is often used in construction due to its exceptional durability and strength, along with the reduced costs over steel or stainless steel. Depending upon the thickness of the aluminum plate and the grade, it can be used for many applications from storage tanks to automobile parts.

Aluminum tread plate, on the other hand, is the most popular for small applications. Often it is used for truck bed toolboxes and running boards. It can also be found in various food processing plants as a non-slip surface for walking on or as steps. Aluminum tread plate is easy to work with, strong, flexible, and will not become damaged by the elements, if taken care of properly. Many times aluminum tread is coated to protect the finish and help keep the shine. With the many available patterns to the tread, a customized piece for your automobile or home is simple to create.

Caring for aluminum plate and aluminum tread is simple. You must be careful not to clean aluminum when it is too hot or too cold and to not use an abrasive cleaner, as it can scratch the aluminum. If the aluminum has a coating to prevent it from naturally oxidizing, you will have to take care not to damage the coating. Due to its low maintenance qualities, aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate generally only require a pressurized spray of water to clean them. At the most, a mild detergent may be used. Most often, though, a solution of water and vinegar will keep both your aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate shining like new.

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