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Advantages of Modular Offices

Modular in-plant offices are the perfect alternative to conventionally constructed enclosed space inside your manufacturing/warehouse facility. The structure usually consists of a vinyl covered polystyrine core with metaltrim for more support. The roof of the modular offices are supported with metal joyce in many cases so the area above the offices can be used for storage or an additional tier of offices.Advantages of Modular Offices The advantages of Modular In-Plant Offices far outweigh the costs. The installation is much faster because all of the components used are pre-fabricated. There is no sanding, taping or painting. Smaller offices can usually be installed in one day. This means less mess and less interruption of work. This is especially important where dust and debris could interfere with sensitive manufacturing operations.

Another advantage of modular offices is the ease of change. You can easily move the office from one location in the plant to another, or pack it up and move it to a different warehouse. Modular offices are also easy to alter and enlarge. You can add a mezzanine to lift the office up high, or stack one unit on top of another. Modular Offices are generally considered "green" because they contribute to cleaner air, they are reusable and recyclable, they provide less site disturbance and safer construction. They also provide more effecient use of materials and energy savings.

Modular offices are very durable and have low maintenance. Most panels are mar resistant and impact resistant. Fire and Sound panels provide a solution to noise control. Most packages contain everything you need; electric, walls, door, windows, ceiling, lights, and heat and air conditioning units, if you need them. Roofs can be added for outdoor buildings like security shacks or smoking shelters.

Modular offices are cost-effective; there are no architectural or engineering fees. There are no increases in property taxes, since the offices are considered movable equipment. Another tax advantage is your depreciation, depreciating over 7 years as opposed to 39 years for conventional construction. Modular In-Plant Offices can be designed and customized for many different uses.

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Modular In-Plant Offices are the most cost effective, durable, and flexible way to add an office in your warehouse, manufacturing plant or storage area today.

Author: Dee Schenck
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