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Shipping Boxes for the Masses

Most of us think of a box, and we think of general shipping boxes or a regular slotted cartons (RSC). This boxes come preassembled with a joint inside one corner and four flaps on the top and four flaps on the bottom to entirely close it. Shipping Boxes come in a variety of lengths, widths, and depths to accommodate a variety of items during shipping. Variations on this model include the multiple depth cartons (MDC), where scored lines allow for items of varying heights to be shipped in the same boxes. This option can save company money by purchasing only one type of box in the number needed instead of multiple boxes in excess. The half slotted carton (HSC) where there are only flaps on the top and the bottom is created from a pallet or other shipping material. Then there is the Full Overlap Slotted Carton (FOL) where the flaps are the same measurements as the opening of the box giving a double wall on the top and bottom for additional protection. Finally, we have the Snap Bottom Carton (SBC) where the bottom of the box assembles quickly and without tape; the top comes with this option as well.

Other Shipping box designs include the Five Panel Fold-over (FPF), which comes flat but when folded makes a very shallow box. The Full Telescope Design Box (FTD) which is a corrugated gift box where the top is completely removed from the bottom. The Two Piece Carton (CSL) is similar to a file box, but does not have hand holds and is designed for shipping. The Double Cover Carton (DC) is a box with a lid on the top and the bottom and is mostly used for heavy items since the tube and separate tops can make placing in the box much easier. Then there are the typical mailing boxes, which are die cut boxes that have tops that can close without tape. Most of the time these boxes use a tuck in flap that seals the contents. If you are actually mailing them to a customer, securing the flap with tape will help keep tampering with the items inside to a minimum.

This is by no means a description of all the boxes available but a sampling of some of the most commonly used ones for shipping either by freight or by parcel post.

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